It’s the rest of a stump.

I have no idea who this guy is or why he is resting here at this busy and utterly uninteresting intersection? Nevertheless, here he sits... on his own little monument marking this particular spot... entertaining drivers as they speed by.

I’m reading a book at the moment which probably accounts for my cynical tone. I first started reading it some 15 years ago but had to put it down. In Dogs and Demons: The Fall of Modern Japan, the author Alex Kerr takes cynicism to another level. His criticism of modern Japan is unbounded.

I don’t, but do recommend it.

Reading about the corrupt short-sightedness of government officials and their monumental building initiatives since the 60’s. Some are like this one, little reminders of someone or some past historical event, others take the form of large architectural projects. Putting the corruption and local debt aside for a moment, I find them fascinating and often go out of my way to visit. To me, they represent a paradoxical manifestation of our ability & stupidity, of what design can do... and should not.