It’s a little alone.

I’ve talked about this before I know, but every time I come across a new house who’s owner or architect opted for a gravel patch instead of a garden... to my deficit... I become irritatingly vocal.

Often there is a token olive tree or bush... look, you can see it there, front right... neatly disguising the barely visible air conditioner. Perhaps for financial or (gardening) time limitations a garden wasn’t included, or perhaps a garden is just a bothersome unnecessity... a waste of space? Better to use that space for parking the 3-4 cars we own or inspire to.

Nevertheless, as I walk past on the daily, it irks me. I can’t help commenting to the annoyance of my closest friends. “What about climate change... don’t we need all the gardens we can get?” I go no “isn’t Japan famous for its gardens... what societal change did I miss that ends in neighbourhoods void of green spaces?” or “don’t they know that looking at a garden... something to do with fractals... has a calming stress reducing effect and is good for general well-being?” etcetera, etcetera.

The funny thing about this house in particular that it affords a stunning view of a beautiful four hundred year old castle... which they dutifully ignore.