Postcard 010
Vernal Equinox
Better Than.

Better Than.

Rejuvenating between one school year and the reset of the next.

Proposing projects, leaning into Regenerative Design.

Learning, sharing, and encouraging a progressive philosophy of what a graduate school is and functions.

Mechanisms of management, curriculum, finance, architecture and mindset.

Change is likely to be slow, old minds resist and young conform.

Your body, like the planet, is a mechanism of natural regeneration.

The health of each intrinsically linked.

Are you living accordingly?

Is your practice one of regeneration or degeneration?

Less what you do, more how you choose to do.

Why are we susceptible to compromise?

What universal force pulls us from the obvious/elusive right path?

Money, power, pleasure, prestige and time…

Intertwining forces working together, tempting our fate.

Endorsed by a social normalcy of doing the wrong thing together.

There are disadvantages to having both not enough and too much.

Too little and we yield to compromise, taking shortcuts on production, labour and ethics…

Too much and we run wild with the prospect of unlimited materialistic, economic and moralistic freedom…

practice our Noes and heed our Egos.

because we Can, doesn’t mean we Should.

One question: Can we together leave things better than how we found them?

Wish you were here.


Nutrition Movement Community Purpose

Photographs series: 
"a bet" - Waters of March 2022.

Ishikawa, Japan 2022

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