That’s it…

Cat on knee, new book in hand and a coffee by my side. It’s early-ish morning, the neighbours cuckoo-clock is cuckooing 8am a good 15 minutes early! We’ve been sitting here a while now, lost in thoughts of riding bikes carrying everything needed with us. I read on, waiting for the warmth of the sun.

I’m reading ‘Slow is Fast’ by Dan Malloy —slowly because the type is too small… hmm?— remembering my original plan for this series of email postcards; To cycle my way to Hokkaido writing along the way. You see, I’m researching a piece about Isamu Noguchi and realised that I’ve never been to Moerenuma Koen. Me being me, I cleared my schedule for the entire month to wind my human-powered way to Sapporo.

Lock-downed, prefecture-bound, making the most of physically going nowhere.

So here I am… the 9th day in this series. I finished this one early, now 4pm later the same day, the air is still and my beer is fizzing with cold bubbles.

Final words? The universe is full of moments of extreme chaos & busyness, and equally full of peacefulness & nothingness. Remember this and have the self-awareness to act accordingly.