Pass or Fail.

(pt 2)


I was saying…

My understanding, thinking and abilities are flawed at best, for my subjective views and opinions are just that, my ever-changing personal-emotional lens on the world. In my opinion this can only be used as a guide and not a rule to which I should judge others.

The Sceptics - Those who investigate or enquire as opposed to those who assert and think that they have found.

I recently signed up for an introductory class on ancient philosophy and the short, yet informative section on the Sceptics stuck with me. To have one foot in the known and the other in the unknown over the circumference of one’s ever expanding circle of knowledge & experience. Therefore as you grow, so does what you don’t know… ever exponentially increasing. What is there to be gained from constraining, even shrinking another's mind into the circle of what I understand? Our thoughts and ideas should be symbiotically shared, accumulating into the expanding void of creative possibilities.

If a teacher & student —any— relationship is able to reach this level of appreciation, then have we not already passed beyond the pointlessness of accumulating grades.