Pass or Fail.

(pt 1)


If I were to study doing-nothing, then how would I know if I passed or failed?

Good question. I could say there is no doing of passing or failing, only the doing of learning. Over the years of teaching Art & Design, the query of grading has entered the mind on more than one occasion. Apart of the idiotic system of time = credit handed down from some industrial age, there is the matter of a final evaluation. At the university where I work, the weight of this lies in the accumulation of production, culminating in a final flourish of creative output (followed by a performative thesis in the penultimate month). If by forcing a focus on the external output, am I not condoning production for production's sake, therefore potentially going against the idea of regenerative design or art? (Shouldn’t the education system and institutions our taxes pay for be regenerative too?)

Perhaps I need to reconsider on what grounds and whose authority do I evaluate? For all I have are my own experiences. Yet, my understanding, thinking and abilities are flawed at best, for my subjective views and opinions are just that; my ever-changing personal-emotional lens on the world… TBC.