Are you saying that I don’t have to do anything?

Indeed I am, but is it possible for an Artist or Designer to do nothing? Do we not see the world through the lens of endless creative possibilities? Is it not true that we make sense of everything —our existence— through acts of creativity, for why else would I be writing this? Should I not be out there riding my bike, as the air is cool and the sky is blue? Yes of course — but then again, no I shouldn’t.

As I sit on the floor of the engawa, using a stool as a makeshift desk. I ask the question: Have I trapped myself into writing these emails for nine days? Perhaps, yet is it not also freeing? Giving myself space to process the ideas crowding my brain. Did I not say to force the function of thinking & doing — to un-discombobulate my mind. Indeed I did… so I write these words that fill the page and empty my mind —and tomorrow I shall do the same.

Beware of empty calendars imploring to be filled. Before you fill them with anything, sit & breathe and contemplate they are already full with nothingness.