E V E R Y T H I N G ?

Yes, everything is interaction and reciprocal. Back to basics — look to spirituality and call it Karma, or to the sciences “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction”. There is no getting past the fact that everything we do has a reciprocal do. Even breathing. Be careful with the doing of the things you want to do. Start with breathing and slowly, carefully consider more interactions, noting the inter-reactions in your mind. Sooner or later feeling the fatigue you may feel the need for a coffee. Oh, the choices involved in the simple act of pouring hot water over ground beans: Where did the beans come from, how were they grown, who picked, packed and transported them? How do you heat the water to be poured over and into what vessel made of what? After the coffee has been enjoyed and before you return refreshed to sitting, breathing & thoughts of doing, how is that handy vessel washed, or dare I say cast-aside?

Before you design or make anything sit & breathe and contemplate everything… is interaction and reciprocal.