Postcard 008
New moon 3:59am May 12th. JST.
The Way You Do Anything.

The Way You Do Anything.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

I forget where I heard these words first. If you remember; email me. I’m curious. Instead of asking Google I thought I’d ask Yoougle. Let me know.

Since hearing these words, they’ve floated with me — and not a day or two goes by without being softly repeated. A mantra or daily intention if you like. And it works. The act of remembering these words shakes my sleeping self into consciousness. The work or the anything is all the same. Writing newsletters, taking photographs or hanging out laundry — which I find triggering.

Something about those troublesome hangers with all those loops and hooks that love to entwine in the most frustrating nonsensical way especially when your trying to concentrate on the writing you’ve been neglecting yet instead you’re stuck fiddling with misbehaving hangers which of course if I were to design would be much better and perfectly made using ...and so it goes.

Breath in — Breath out.

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

Slowing down, intention fills me as I focus on hanging out the laundry to the best of my ability. Presently my clothes are swaying on their individual hangers in near perfection. Thus moving onto the next anything with a newfound positive attitude. That too will be completed to the best of my ability with full attention & intention — whatever that anything my be ...and so it goes.

Which brings me to what I wanted to say...

With a revitalised love of the internet as a creative medium, I’m enjoying writing and thinking about writing these postcards —and newsletters— immensely. Yet I can’t hide the fact that I’m spreading myself thinly. Henceforth, I’m pausing these postcards —keyword pausing— to focus on writing/working on a few other anythings which I’m somewhat neglecting. Rest assured it’s not the end of these little creative experiments —let's simply say end of season 1— for they will re-emerge in one form or another in due time. I’m mentally working out the how & what at present with hopes of having things figured out by the next newsletter.

Until which time...

Wish you were here.

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Photographs series:
Curious Activity of Walking Arounds Taking Photographs of
People’s Laundry.

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