Postcard 007
New moon 11:30am Apr 12th. JST


You have a conversion about one thing, realising another. Talk of patterns, conscious & subconscious patterns we follow.

Consistent for some, inconsistent for others.

Depending on the fortitude of my mental immunity, inconsistency is the natural flowing universe, embraced and trusted to guide me exactly where I’m supposed to be. Yet if an attention grabbing virus creeps in through gaps in my perception then all serenity turns to stormy emotions of regret and envy.

It depends on what side of the bed you wake up on, more precisely what side of the bed you laid down on the night before.

I picked up a habit after reading Hemingways A Moveable Feast. He talks of writing, I personally employ it across my creative —life— endeavours: Stop in a place where the next step, sentence or line is clearly visible before you. On waking the next day the path ahead is clear and without distraction. Avoiding anything selected —just for you— by an algorithm, or sitting —in urgency— in an inbox, until after lunch. This I’ve found to be essential. In this way mornings pass with feelings of lucid accomplishment.

Given time and an attitude that is good and true, consistency materialises within inconsistent patterns.

Wish you were here.

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Photographs series:
Five Matchboxes Found While Walking.
India 2017

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