Postcard 006
New moon 7:21pm Mar 13th. JST
Hen na Ojisan.

It’s a little alone.

It’s a little alone.

It’s the rest of a stump.

It is death.

Hen na Ojisan.

It is March... I don’t have time on my hands and I do have an impulse to travel.

“Traveling far?” I hear you ask.

Yes & no.

Not far from home, but hopefully far-ish in distance and mind. Traversing the roads around the city where I live, drawing a coloured line as I go. Sometimes walking, sometimes cycling, always slowly observing life’s curiosities. Shutter click this, shutter click that, the whole time writing stories in my head.

No music, no podcasts, just images and imagination... and of course... the people.

A woman stopping to kindly & eagerly explaine how nobody takes that road any more. It’s too rough, rocky and almost impassable. I already knew this as I had just cycled down it. She was right! After listening for quite some time I said, waving goodbye “I live in the city over the hill... probably see you again”.

Covid or no Covid, nothing was going to stop the man who insisted on giving me a bag of snacks... “thank you” I said “they look delicious” and he left with a smile hidden behind a mask. (I didn’t eat the snacks)

A “hello” yelled at me from a boy balance-biking through the narrow streets of his village between here & there. Seconds later he followed that “hello” with a “Hen na Ojisan” (strange uncle)... All I managed in reply was a “thanks” in English and continued on my way.

Wish you were here.

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Photographs series:
Waters of March 2019.
March 2021, Shiga, Japan

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