Postcard 003
New moon 1:16am Dec 15th. JST

For some time now holding expectations of adventure.

Walking the highest pass or paddling the lowest inlet.
Solitary train journeying across the width of here or the down the length of there.

Stimulus to imagination and sensation.
For it’s not the destination that attracts, but the creative journey to be remembered.

Halfway to 50 pushing freely amongst the eternity of youth.
Curiosity feeding hunger on Lafayette & Canal.

Masking anxiety of adulthood, approaching halfway to one hundred.
Borders postponed and social distanced, one renegotiates oneself.

Can it be found exploring closer to home.
Traveling through the landscape of here and now?

Holding adventure in expectation of time now.

Wish you were here.


Nutrition Movement Community Purpose

Photographs series:
Whatever You Think Your Life is Going to be Like...
Just Know, it’s Not Going to be Anything Like That.

New York City 1990’s

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