About James
I’m an associate professor, artist, designer, writer, Papersky Japan Stories contributing editor and In Conversation With host. I enjoy moving in nature, usually taking photographs along the way. My email newsletterspostcards about designing life go out every solstice & equinox respectively... sometimes in between. I built an outdoor classroom called One Tree Academy, where I —usually— hold annual Campfire Talk events. I now live full time in Japan with my cat Sanpo who has abandonment issues and makes life difficult when I travel, which I love to do. I do my best to eat a plant-based whole-food diet, meditate and do yoga. My daily intentions are: experience first & the way you do anything is the way you do everything. All notifications are off, but I usually —sometimes— read emails once a day, replying irregularly if at all.
Give it a try: james@arukari.co.