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Lucas B.B.
Sat. November 20, 14:00 JST
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Maebayashi-san and James invite you to join them in conversation with Papersky's Founder, Creative Director, Editor, CEO extraordinaire: Lucas B.B. Well known for: Tokion Magazine, Papersky Magazine, Papersky Stories and Tour de Nippon (a cycling event aimed at "Rediscovering Japan" on bicycles).

Asking Lucas about how he started a successful independent media content company in Japan and how Lucas and his small team make their unique content and creative lifestyles. How did the pandemic affect their lives, how they shifted their approach, and what are their goals moving forward?

This is a great opportunity to have an intimate conversation with Lucas B.B. —who has traveled and worked with many great artists and designers worldwide— asking him for advice about life after graduation, how to make a unique business, and the challenges of living and working in a changing Japan.

Papersky Japan Stories
Tour de Nippon
Outdoor Gallery

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About In Conversation with...

A new zoooom series where hosts Akitsugu Maebayashi & James Gibson invite you to join them in conversation with a series of special guests.

Under our present circumstances brought to the forefront due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have an opportunity to take advantage of this situation and turn things around. A chance to learn by sharing thoughts & experiences about the present and hints & expectations of the future, through reviewing & discussing our guest speakers past activities.

The act of casual 'conversation' is commonly overlooked in everyday life, but in our present disconnected - connected online community we have the platform to re-evaluate & emphasise the importance of conversation.

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